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The Importance of Sustainability, by Mamie Howard-Golladay

As defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, sustainability refers to the belief that we can find everything we need for survival in our natural environment. Advocates of sustainability argue on behalf of co-existence between humans and nature to secure the well-being of future generations and to protect the Earth’s waters and minerals.

In order to achieve this harmony, humankind must renew natural resources as it uses them, thus creating a balanced system. Over the past several years, the green movement has stayed on the forefront of sustainability by encouraging manufacturers to make more Earth-friendly products and educating people about ways to reduce their carbon footprints.

About the Author: An educator for over 30 years, Mamie Howard-Golladay considers sustainability an important topic for discussion. Aware that people around the world need to make changes to their lifestyles for sustainability to succeed, she encourages others to contemplate how they use the environment, energy, and natural resources.

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